How the MozFest Program Works

MozFest is built each year on core "tracks", which are clusters of topics and sessions that we believe have the greatest potential for innovation and empowerment with the web. Each track is curated by "Space Wranglers", who are thought-leaders and community organizers in that particular topic. The tracks are spread across the entire venue and are the central programmatic focus of the festival.

  • Build and Teach the Web track icon

    Build and Teach the Web

    Keep the web wild through hands-on making with innovative tools and teaching the web as a community.

    Let's build and teach the web together. From remixing public archives to mashing hip hop with politics, and from hacking on web-native storytelling tools to knitting projects that teach digital literacies, we'll inspire, share and empower. Get your feet wet by programming your first webpage, browse our art galleries, play with the Green Screen and help others with their making "to dos".

    Space Wranglers

    • Christina Cantrill, National Writing Project
    • Antero Garcia, Colorado State University Writing Project
    • Paul Oh, National Writing Project
    • Jane Park, Creative Commons
    • Chad Sansing, National Writing Project
  • Open Web With Things track icon

    Open Web With Things

    Escape the limitations of your computer and build the web using sensors, circuits and good old paper and scissors.

    The web for most of you is rectangular. You live, work and play in a web that's experienced entirely through a flat rectangular screen.

    The "Internet of Things" promises so much more. A web of any shape, in any object in any location. Yet it's been hijacked. The "Internet Of Things" is potentially a turning back of the clock by 25 years to a time when private companies could have their individual locked down internet. An internet for them and not for us.

    At the heart of this track is the principle of sharing and empowering open knowledge around the web, things, and people. Taking a humanistic and ethical approach, think about the new experiences and tension points of 6 billion people and 2^128 things on an open web.

    Space Wranglers

  • The Mobile Web track icon

    The Mobile Web

    Explore opportunities in the booming world of the open web on mobile. How can we experiment & tinker to customize our own experience on our phones?

    It's no secret that mobile technology is a big thing, and, as people adopt new pocket-sized technology around the world, it's only getting bigger. There is a great opportunity to make an incredible, lasting, fun, interactive impact using another realm of technology that's carved its placed into our lives: the web -- still a relatively new and unclaimed space.

    What can the mobile web do now? Where is it going? How do we help it grow and thrive, while staying useful, open and friendly? How can we enable and encourage new users around the world while leveraging the tiniest, bleeding-edge technology in our pockets? Excelsior!

    Space Wranglers

  • Source Code for Journalism track icon

    Source Code for Journalism

    Design next-generation web solutions to solve critical issues facing news organizations and help journalism thrive on the open web.

    Our engagement in the open web is changing expectations about the way journalism is done, and though the business of newsgathering is in flux, the practice is stronger than ever. Now we have the opportunity to make newsgathering a more collaborative process, developing compelling stories, driven by data, that change the world we live in. Join us in discussions, hands-on making, and wireframing, and help explore new ways to visualize data, present information, and foster connections between people interested in harnessing the power of the web to create great journalism.

    Space Wranglers

  • Science and the Web track icon

    Science and the Web

    Examine the potential of the open web to re-define how we experiment, analyze and share scientific knowledge.

    The open web is changing the way scientists explore, experiment and build on one anothers' research. Imagine what we can accomplish with collaborative tools, open content and partnerships between science and tech. Join us in developing resources for open research, trainings around open data and hack on tools in our Science Lab sprint.

    Space Wranglers

  • Art and Culture of the Web track icon

    Art and Culture of the Web

    An exploration of the programs, practices and inspirations of open and networked digital art forms.

    Call for Artists:

    As the Internet becomes increasingly ubiquitous around the world, more and more web users are making the transition from consumers to creators, merging art, technology and networks to build new and surprising digital art forms with unprecedented results.

    What might the combination of these experiments in theory, code and creativity — a practice we refer to as "networked art" — mean for cultural heritage organizations, artists, technologists and curators? And how might creative works inform our understandings of the open web's key challenges, from privacy to ownership, and from identity to governance?

    Let's shape the future of networked art together by breaking down old dichotomies between creator and patron. We welcome your craziest ideas for live art-making, creative collaboration and skills-sharing.

    Space Wranglers

  • Open Badges Lab track icon

    Open Badges Lab

    Challenge the conventional system of recognizing skills and learning. Celebrate achievements from Open Badge creators and issuers.

    Step on to the Open Badges Yellow Brick Road with us at this year's Mozfest and get hands on by earning badges throughout the festival, creating your own and helping shape the future of the Open Badges ecosystem.

    2013 / 14 has been an exciting year for the Open Badges community Over 14,000 organisations are now issuing Open Badges worldwide. Employers, Universities, non-profits, and schools are working together to create a new global skills currency.

    This year we're showcasing fantastic examples of badges in action. Hear from the people who have designed, built and issued their badges, dive in and earn badges yourself, and have a look behind the curtain at the tools processes you'll need to create your own badge scheme.

    If you're new to badges, don't worry, you'll find friends, advice, inspiration and tools to help you on your journey. We'd love to hear about your Open Badge plans, projects or badges ahead of Mozfest, tell us about the here: And if you have a bite sized badges earning activity you'd like to feature on the badge from get in touch!

    Space Wranglers

  • Hive Learning Networks track icon

    Hive Learning Networks

    Join this lab for people working on building local city learning networks (Hives) and how they can better globally connect to share learning experiences for youth and digital media.

    Join the Global Hive Meetup and put connected learning into action! Discover how Hive learning networks champion web literacy within cities and catalyze education innovation across the globe. Together, we'll explore how we can work across Hive cities to create, execute, and scale connected learning experiences for youth of all ages.

    Sessions will address how our global network is overcoming common challenges in the education space in order to meet Hive's big, audacious goals:

    • Mobilize more educators to adopt connected learning practices and teach web literacy within a growing constellation of Hive Learning Networks
    • Create high-quality connected learning and web literacy tools, content, curriculum and practices for broad use, increasing demand for Hives in new locations and sectors that can serve a range of learners
    • Catalyze schools, youth programs, and city agencies to provide rich connected learning and web literacy programs, especially in under-served communities
    • Grow demand for Hive Learning Events, Communities and Networks in new locations and sectors.

    Space Wranglers

    • Lindsey Frost Cleary, Hive Chattanooga Learning Community
    • Sam Dyson, Hive Chicago Learning Network
  • Musicians and Music Creators on the Open Web track icon

    Musicians and Music Creators on the Open Web

    Play a role and explore what it takes to make music on the open web.

    Exploring art as a job and it's intersection with the open web around three central themes: culture, innovation, and economics. We want to foster collaboration between musicians and technologists, looking at new business and promotional models; using open source to find sustainability for musicians.

    Space Wranglers

  • Policy and Advocacy track icon

    Policy & Advocacy

    Build the Web We Want: Protecting and advancing the free and open web for everyone.

    The Internet brings together societies and empowers people to make anything and share with anyone. But as a result of policies that undermine access to the web and massive government surveillance, we are at risk of losing the essential ethos of the Internet itself. We are at a critical point in history to protect and advance the free and open Internet. This track will explore the current state of public policy, what is needed and how to mobilize people to hold their leaders accountable to stronger privacy, security, net neutrality, free expression and access to the web.

    What are the innovative tools we need to understand and control how our data is used?

    • How can we re-imagine advocacy, enabling people, organizations and communities to be better rally and to better organize protect the internet?
    • What is the role of digital literacy? What models and programs will democratize literacy about how the internet works?
    • Who are the heroes of the Internet? How should we celebrate them?

    Space Wranglers

    • Dave Steer, Director, Advocacy
    • Alina Hua, Senior Data Privacy Manger, Mozilla
    • Stacy Martin, Senior Privacy & Engagement Manager, Mozilla
  • Community Building track icon

    Community Building

    Take action together. Enable communities to have impact and to keep the web open. Gather best practices to be effective as openly networked, distributed leaders.

    Through hands-on sessions and group work we'll explore what challenges a distributed, global community is best at tackling. We’ll look at how being different and unique is our strength, and how our local knowledge can fuel and inform a global movement.

    We'll learn from each other how to create sustainable and outcome-driven collaborations, how to join forces with other organizations to maximise our impact. We’ll examine case studies of healthy governance processes and feedback loops which can help us be open, mindful and transparent.

    We'll look into the power of collective mobilisation, identify meaningful actions, understand how metrics can improve our efforts, and learn how to empower ourselves and others to be the force and heart of the global Open Web movement.

    Space Wranglers